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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
I would love to check out some carbon fiber drums. I have played with a guitarist using a carbon fiber dreadnought and it was LOUD - hardly needed amplification. Yet the sound was full and rich. Really amazing tone. So I could only imagine what a carbon fiber drum set sounds like.

Once you think about it, carbon fiber is just synthetic wood with all of the advantages distilled into a controlled form. Light, strong, resonating fibers to enrich the sound.
i was sold on the Tempus 13x4,7 snare demonstrated on the drumcentreNH video and i am owner of very nice Brady Jarrah Block 12x7 snare....i think that if it is true that these drums are extremely light to carry and sound great like on the youtube videos and when they are resistent on scrathes etc... i am more and more interested to buy one nice CF Set... i contacted also the MING DRUMS because they seem to produce thin carbon shells but no one is answering....i am totaly with you on your claims about this material
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