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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
lol! I love it! As sad as it is... Cars have killed WAYYY more people, recently (since they became popular, and without proper education and application). I see the issue with cars as complacence (not paying attention), ignorance (not knowing how to drive, or that you actually have to watch what is going on), and stupidity (texting, drinking, overall distracted driving).

Texting while walking has killed people. Are we going to regulate cell phones?

Like was mentioned earlier (and ties into the OP), things that seem strange, are often normal to others.

We cannot discuss different region's history as an apples to apples comparison, as different socioeconomic classes, government regulations, entitlements, history, and ethics, etc... that all lead to our society's behavior. A gun is simply a tool, just like a cigarette, drumstick, cell phone, car, or that new Sabian AAX Air Splash (that I like so much). Simply because I purchase a cymbal, does not make me a great drummer. But it can enable me to sound like one.
Thanks for the inevitable cars-to-guns comparison. As a matter of fact, we DO regulate cars. They must be registered, anyone who drives one must be of a certain age, a driver must prove competence and mental/physical abilities to obtain a license, they have to be kept in a certain minimal condition, there are restrictions on where it can go, you can't text while driving one in most places, you are in serious trouble if you use them while high/drunk and you must report to the government any time you sell it. If you mess up too much with a car, you may lose your legal ability to operate one.

We accept that as reasonable because a car is in the category of Tools That Can Kill Innocent People Very Easily With A Tiny Screw Up. Also, cars are in the category of Tools That Are Very Valuable And Are Subject To Being Stolen And Used In Crimes. Screwdrivers, by comparison, have no regulation because they are in the category of Tools That Have Minimal Risk Of Death And Injury To Others. Note the word "Minimal."
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