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Default Brave New World - Replacing the Speed King

So I have been reading all the comments regarding the "Squeak King". I have been using a SK for 26 years, and I accepted the noise a long time ago.

However, this weekend my young drummer cousin's band and mine shared a bill at a show. He complimented me on my set afterwards, and asked what pedal I am using. When I told him that I am using the same Speed King that his dad (also a drummer) gave me over a quarter century ago, he just kind of gave me this dumbfounded look.

Anyhow, I set my faithful old Luddies back up Tuesday, and the Squeak King just annoyed the hell out of me. How could I have not noticed how freaking noisy and wobbly this contraption is?

Last night at rehearsal, I told my bandmates to listen to my bass drum, pointing out the Squeak King. They all asked "when did THAT happen?" like they only just now noticed after I pointed it out.

So now I want to replace the SK. Not with a new SK mind you. Given the modern advances in bass drum pedal design, I want something else. After playing direct drive for my entire life, I am not a fan of the "slop" that is inherent in a chain drive pedal. However I realize that the new designs have taken a lot of the slop out of chain drives. I also want the stability of a long board.

I like the features of the Tama Speed Cobra. My style requires that I have speed AND power, and the SC seems to promise that. I don't care for the new Ludwig Atlas pedals. DW5000's have too much of that slop. What else is there? The Axis and Trick pedals may be out of my price range ($200).

Also know that this is pretty scary for me, but I think it's time I get with the times. Thanks!
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