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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
As a smoker, I fail to see how a cigarette is a tool. It serves only one functional purpose and that is simply to be ignited and inhaled. The act of inhaling cigarette smoke does not produce anything of meaningful value.
I'm not a smoker. My father was one; my wife of over 15 years is one.

A cigarette is a tool, indeed. And it serves a purpose. If it didn't, people wouldn't smoke. Nicotine is a drug, and like any drug - it alters normal functions. Some people prefer these alterations, and therefore use the tool to alter it to a certain state. Some drugs are helpful, some are less helpful. There are ALWAYS side effects - I think that was my point. My hammer can be used to fasten a board to a wall. It can also be used to bludgeon my kids to death in their sleep (and as they age, they can do the same to me). Why am I (they) not doing it?

Without straying - I was just stating that their are many tools that can cause destruction, the manner in which we use them (to bash a cymbal or play a cymbal) is determined by a multitude of reasons (nature vs nurture/society vs individual/parenting/experience/preference/etc...).

By the way - I'm pro-hammer. And pro-cigarette. As much as I can't stand the effects, the smell, the cost, the taxing, manipulation, time wasted, health insurance cost increases, political impacts, danger (ever watch a person smoke while driving? - completely oblivious that they swerve as often as they do, not always looking ahead), etc..., but I like that there is a choice to do so (so long as it doesn't impact my will not to).

Live free or die. (It's even on the license plate in NH - yes, I know it is referring to taxes, etc..., and not lawlessness).