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Default Remo Acousticon 6x14 on the way

I just bought this snare from Guitar Center online. It is a Chrome (Quadura, I believe) over Acousticon 6x14 snare with single flanged hoops and clips. I bought it because I've heard many good things about the sound of the acousticon snares, I like to have many different voices in my snare sounds, it was cheap, I love the look of snares with single flanged hoops, and I'm pretty much a snare whore! LOL

Anyone have experience with the acousticon snares? I've never played one personally, but I've heard a few recordings of some and I liked them. I believe the wood is some sort of pressed wood mixture that is pretty hard and makes for a good snare material, although it's pretty inexpensive. I really like the vintage vibe and look to this snare with the hoops and clips. Thoughts, comments, concerns are greatly welcomed and appreciated.

I'll post more pics when it arrives and I get a chance to clean it up.

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