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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

Originally Posted by mmulcahy1 View Post

.... Over the course of the last few years, due to government incompetence, the "powers that be" mismanaged the money they had and several hundred millions of dollars basically when up in smoke. Gone, due to bad investments and other things by unethical people who worked for or on behalf of the government. Because of this, I now have had to contribute more of my paycheck into the retirement system to make up the difference these government jackasses pissed away. By the way, nobody has ever been held accountable for the loss of all this money.

Somebody in all this mess made a lot of money while the little guy, me in this case, gets screwed by the government that is supposed to be designed to protect and serve its citizens.

It's possible that you may be misplacing blame.
Say the people who were managing your retirement funds invested in a company like Enron in good faith (remember the bankruptcy scandal).
There were a lot of similar situations after that surrounding the crash of 2008.
Obviously, I don't know the facts in your situation, but there may be more to it than meets the eye.

All I have to say about the healthcare situation in the US is that it's not the best run system. And the current attempts at patching it are likely to make it worse.
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