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Well my gf and I left early. I had a few thoughts but I was also in the nose bleeds at the center for the art at UB so take it with a grain of salt. The drums sounded awful. Like cardboard flappy boxes. Enough said. The cymbals were absolutely gorgeous. But I couldn't help thinking they were like EAK but on steroids. I think that's definitely what they were going for.

Other than that, Herbie pretty much saved the show when they did a song off of Sunlight with Herbie on Vocoder keyboards. Absolutely beautiful. Lionel Loueke did a very entertaining African/percussion solo on his guitar. That also saved the show a bit. I have to say a lot of their jam sections left me puzzled and drifting in my mind. Herbie also did a couple of solo pieces that were so far out that it bored me all while the band is standing there(waiting to come in?) but it doesn't happen. lol They also seemed tired. Actually quite tired. My gf noticed as well. The tickets were cheap enough for where we were but if you go to see Vinnie in his element, you may be disappointed.
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