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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Ya, well Grea, America is a super power and power leads to corruption. Corruption like starting a war by misleading the American public. Let me just say that my heart goes out to these soldiers that have to do the dirty work, but I have never supported these wars or that BS Clinton pulled in Croatia. I have never voted Republican ever in any election. So, ya, I will fight these Republican d*bags every step of the way. For the record, I am not a Democrat either. The only Democratic presidential candidate I ever voted for was Kerry in '04, and that was in a desperate attempt to get Bush out of there. I didn't vote for Obama either. I quit voting. There is no choice anymore...obviously. Just a bunch of baboons. We, as a nation, are getting dumber too, and too many dumb people own guns. End of story.
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