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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

We're talking about guns that were designed to kill people. It's not a side effect of their use, it's a direct consequence. It's what they do. Sure, people die in car crashes, but you'll never hear somebody saying "Only take the car out if you're prepared to kill somebody with it". On top of that, Bloomber estimates that gun deaths will outnumber car crash deaths by 2015. ( in case anyone cares)

Over in the health care discussion we have people seeing conspiracy theories behind vaccinations, big pharma and your local GP. And yet nobody sees anything odd in the NRA being a vocal opponent of gun control*...when the NRA seems to be funded (according to a quick bit of google) to the tune of 50% of its revenue.

* Gun control. Not disarmament. Just some crazy ideas, like limiting access to assault rifles, background checks and just trying to make sure that guns aren't sold to people who shouldn't have guns.