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Default Re: Heat Gun on Snare Reso Head

Originally Posted by Razbo View Post
Not into it myself. Just like guitar strings, drum heads stretch. Deal and tune. I have never taken a hair dryer to the bridge or nut or strings of my guitars to "seat" anything. And I will not to my drums. JMO! but I say, let Nature take it's course.
Heads are made out of a petroleum product, and therefore they react to heat like shrinkwrap, although it's very subtle. That's why they seat instantly when the collar is warmed up after tightening the head down evenly. Guitar strings won't do that since they're not made out of a petroleum product.

So, you can either wait, or you can do it instantly. Both get the same results, except one is much faster. It's handy for when changing heads at a gig.
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