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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
I turned the two knobs on the wall and down comes a torrent from the most almighty showerhead I'd ever seen, mounted into the ceiling. I usually have quite extended showers but I can't have been in there for more than a minute! It's now my ambition in life to own such a contraption.
A man after my own heart. If I'm building my dream home, it has an incredible shower. There's a mansion called Meadowbrook Hall near my home. It was owned by a woman who was part of the automotive industry's aristocracy. They do tours of the home and it's an amazing place, not just a beautiful house but full of cool secret rooms and stuff. But the best thing is they have this shower that blasts you with water from every direction.

That's what I want. They build stuff like that now, a shower where you have places you could even sit down. I would put all the gadgety cool things that exist in that thing. Super-high-pressured water, that can be made as hot as you could ever want it.
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