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Default Re: Heat Gun on Snare Reso Head

Originally Posted by Hollywood Jim View Post
I have never used a heat gun or hair dryer.

For many years I have been re-tuning my new heads after the first time I play the drum.
I always thought that the drum head seats itself after a little hard playing. I play rock and roll.

My process has always been:
Install new head and tune. Play the drum hard for at least an hour. Then re-tune the head.

I'm not sure, but I think that warming up the outer edge with a hair dryer while it's seating eliminates the need to do this because it seats the head immediately because the head acts a little like shrink wrap. It's not that we need to get the head hot, but just warm. As he demonstrates this, he's going around the edge about 2 lugs per second about an inch or two away, about 2 or 3 complete passes.

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
It's weird how I've never heard anyone talk about Gatzen's playing ever, but anytime "tuning" comes up in a thread, he'll get mentioned 75 times. A bit odd, but I guess that's his calling.
Yeah, he's not known for his drumming. Sure, he's a drummer, but his focus has been on sound and design in the drum industry. He's been involved in the development of more products and other drum-related things than I think most people realize.
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