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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by Smoke View Post
Shouldn't I be legally allowed to possess the same firepower as my enemy as long as I don't endanger my neighbor?
Absouletly you should. Then your deranged son or daughter can gain access to it and take out school children.

That's only fair, right? I mean, that particular owner had "rights" to defend her home with military style weapons.....and was "responsible" in exercising those rights......stored her military style 30 round clip asault weapon responsibly, so that she was never gonna endanger her neighbour. The fact that no-one stopped to consider the proximity of the weapon to an idiot son, is rather an annoying oversight though.

Still, as long as someone's legal right to live doesn't infringe on your legal right to wave assault weapons around, I think it's alright too.

*For the record, I am not "anti gun". I am just pro common sense and as such would like to throw a different persepective on your argument. I know it's impossible to account for all the "what if's".......but nonetheless, they've gotta be worth at least some consideration and discussion, no?*

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Weird that so many Americans seem so intent on waging war on each other, pretty well handing world leadership to China on a silver platter.
As an outsider looking in, it's bloody hilarious G. Talk about missing the forrest for the trees.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Try not to take us Aussies down with you
Actually then again, maybe it's not so funny after all. We're treading an all too familiar path here too.

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