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Default Re: Heat Gun on Snare Reso Head

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I have the same reservations about this. I would also worry about using a heat gun around wood. If too hot, would the plys start to separate, or could the head possibly melt to the bearing edge and infuse itself into the pores of the wood?

I once read that you can remove dents from heads using a hair dryer. It does not work. A heat gun might, however, if one is really careful while doing so.
The heat gun he may be referring to might be just a re-purposed hair dryer. I think I saw the same video today because the person doing it called it a "heat gun" even though it looked like a hair dryer to me.

Either way, Bob Gatzen uses (or used to use) a hair dryer to seat his heads. He would slowly warm up the outer edge of the head until it was warm and then he could go directly into removing all of the tension and start tuning.
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