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Grea, I'm surprised that a French hotel even has showers. (Sorry to French members, us Rosbifs like to make jokes too!).

I remember years ago waking up in a friends parent's house with an almighty hangover and an unfamiliar girl next to me. I'd been on the whisky. I walked into the bathroom and saw a glass-doored room at the back with a 'normal' shower. Great, I thought. I turned the two knobs on the wall and down comes a torrent from the most almighty showerhead I'd ever seen, mounted into the ceiling. I usually have quite extended showers but I can't have been in there for more than a minute! It's now my ambition in life to own such a contraption.

The best thing about that whole party (apart from the lass, who was quite lovely) was being picked up from the car park of the supermarket before the party. In a Bentley.
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