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Default Re: Heat Gun on Snare Reso Head

Originally Posted by AZStickman View Post
I was watching a head changing demo online and the gentleman used a heat gun to form the reso head to the snare bed after tightening the lugs JAW. I have never seen this done before and wondered if any of you do this and what benefit it provides if any?....... Terry
I always use a hair dryer to do the same thing with all of my heads when I seat them and tune them up. It is said to help the head seat to the bearing edge faster. It seems to be easier to get things in tune since I started doing it.

The way I do it, however is, I crank the head up nice and tight, tune it to itself, run the heat around the edge, let it cool, then I bring it back down to JAW, and then tune to the pitch I want. It all goes pretty fast once you get used to it.
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