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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

I guess I initially wrote a tirade about how this would ,no doubt ,become about pro and anti gun.

It's funny how the uninformed will offer an opinion based on what the media tells them,instead of doing due diligance and actually investigating the subject.

And yes...I am actually an expert in the field,having testified in a court of law on hundreds of occasions,on behalf of the NYPD on the subject of firearns and ballistics,having been deemed an expert in the field by the courts,because of training an experience.

Maybe some actual...... factual ,research should be done here,so an informed opinion can be made reguarding the subject.That would well as pro gun stats.

This isn't a one way street...not by a long shot(pun intended),so lets not go off half cocked(pun intended).

If you don't like guns...that's just fine..........but if you do...responsibly......that's fine too.

Steve B