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Default Re: Cheap electronic drum set?

Originally Posted by beyondbetrayal View Post
I have a TDW-20 so i don't have a cheap kit..

but i DID feel ripped off when a buddy bought a cheapy kit for a few hundred and was using vst's and superior drummer and it sounded AMAZING.

just make sure you have a spare laptop and midi out of your Ekit
Exactly this. The only difference is that if you have a higher end kit like a TD20, you'll have a bit more realism from things such as positional sensing and a better hi-hat pedal.

But ask around about the benefits of positional sensing and you'll find it's not really essential to having a good e-kit experience, it's sort of like an advertised feature that might not be all its advertised as. Good to have though.

I use an Alesis DM10 with Superior Drummer and it's awesome. The real sore point was hi-hat realism, but I play metal, so it's kind of a moot point.

I later upgraded with a set of Zildjian Gen-16s and that beats the TD30 hi-hats as well, as per some Roland TD30 drummers on

The main thing to look for in the budget range is reliability. You don't want the thing falling apart on you. Also, make sure it has a midi/USB out so that you can hook up to a VST like SD2 or BFD2. VST sounds are better than most modules below $1500 and maybe even higher end modules like beyondbetrayal's TD20.
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