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Originally Posted by csprinklez View Post
I've got some tama speed cobras double pedals for sale, would anyone be interested?
Yes. I have 2 already, looking for a third (and then maybe some singles - to accompany my other double-bass kit).

Depends on price/condition/location/shipping method. Feel free to PM me.

What brought me into this thread (other than it being posted as a new/recent post), is the heel-toe method. I've always just played singles (hard for me to do above 240BPMs), so my comfort zone is around 200BPMs. I guess I do the 'slide' thing a little (as noted previously).

I've GOT to spend some time getting this down. Will work on it over the next several months. Maybe I can finally do 260-280BPMs without getting tired so damn fast.

(I usually do fast intricate rhythms, with more kicking, starts/stops, patters, etc..., to mask the fact that I get tired)
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