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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Incredible, isn't it, that women might have dozens of other things to do and might selfishly appreciate having their lives made just that bit easier.

I'm interested to discover how you know what their reasons are, by the way, and why you appear to think it's ok to judge them?
I'm not judging anybody. Clearly you missed the part of my post where I said "....and I don't look down on that."

How do I know what their reasons are? Easy. Just about all of my friends and I are at the point where we are all starting families. And since we're all friends, we talk and share our experiences with each other. Most often, the reason is that once the mom's have to return to work, they simply aren't able to do it. Again, that's understandable, and, again, I don't look down on them for that. Not every family is as fortunate as mine in that my wife can stay home with the baby full-time.

But, then, I've seen women who opt to not breast feed simply because they either don't know/don't care about the benefits of it. They just do what their parents did. And then I have seen women opt not to breast feed for some pretty selfish and bizarre reasons. One mom I know thought it was some type of weird sexual thing. Another was more concerned about getting her pre-baby body back and didn't want "that thing hanging off of me all day".
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