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Default Re: Need some P.A. advice, mostly for play-along.

Originally Posted by mmulcahy1 View Post
Not to hijack this thread, but...

If I want to play (like at a gig), am I as the drummer responsible for all of this high-tech stuff? Or is it the band? Or is it the House?

This could get really expensive!

Right now I'm just a guy with a back beat and nothing else.

I am a drummer, too, and run the sound for my band. It can get tricky, and people say a drummer should never run sound from the backline, but with a little effort, smarts and trial and error, you can get it to sound great. My setup is:

16-channel mixer
Vocal effects processor
Compressor for kick drum and vocals
1400 watt amp
3400 watt amp
Laptop for recording and in-between-sets music

I manage the main speaker mix, subwoofer mix, my own in-ear monitor mix, keyboardist's in-ear monitor mix, floor monitor mix, and the recording mix. I play with one hand when making adjustments here and there.
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