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Default Drum skin help

Hi! New to the forum and just needed some skin help.
Basically, Christmas I'll be getting a new kit, a Tama superstar Hyperdrive 6 piece, shallow toms and a deep bassdrum, anyone who doesn't know of the kit I'll post the sizes.
5.5x14 Snare
6.5x10 tom
7x12 tom
12x14 floor tom
14x16 floor tom
18x22 kick

I know of the problems with shallow toms and such, so I needed some assistance on skins.
I'm either going with EVANs or Remo skins, the Evans would be as follows:
Evans G2 on the Toms
Evans Power Centre Reverse Dot on Snare
Evans EMAD on kick

Now for Remo, I'd be going with
Emperor X on snare
Clear Emperors on toms
Remo Powerstroke 3 on kick

Overall, I'm going for a sound much like Avenged Sevenfolds late drummer The Rev, but I wouldn't mind going off that for a sound that'd much better suit the kit, because I know of the obvious size differences of the Hyperdrive to his kit I would also like to note I play mainly metal but I need to be able to have ghost notes hearable on the snare drum, so if a skin would dampen ghostnotes or something I'd like to know, thanks if you reply, happy drumming!
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