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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

Wow, I almost wish I had never started this thread.

I know that we are lucky to have some of the incredible medical advances of the past century or so. Some of you might recall a thread in which I discussed my recent surgery and how, after years of trying alternative therapies, I finally had the surgery and my issue was handled. In that thread I mentioned how I was annoyed that the doc was late to my initial appointment until I found out that he was late because he was busy reattaching the arm of a construction worker. Talk about an attitude adjustment.

For the longest time, the domain of the doctor has been interventional. If you needed your arm reattached, only a microsurgeon could do it. Put another way, Omega 3's and exercise don't fix bad mitral valves. Maybe they deserve some slack because, after all, they had their hands full with those things that they actually could fix.

I believe the error they made was that they minimized the role of actual healthy life habits. Does anyone remember the original "basic food groups" Why in the world was bread one of them? Was it because the doctors actually thought that bread was good for us or was it because they folded under pressure from other sources? Or did they just not know better? Or is it something else entirely?

I don't believe in grand conspiracies. I can't get two people to keep a secret much less an entire profession. I do know that the health of the public was compromised, however. Look at the obesity and diabetes rates in the USA. Is that no one's responsibility? The food manufacturers? or just general ignorance?

Maybe it's all part of general scientific progress and I'm totally off but it seems that the recent push towards healthier foods and life habits did not come from the medical establishment. It seems to have started from the fringe and then, after enough proof of it accumulated, the doctors were forced to go along or else be left behind.

Anyway, none of this changes the fact that we are now on the verge of absolutely incredible medical breakthroughs, from nanobots to genetics. I just hope I live long enough so that I can get in on the extended life span potential that is being uncovered.
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