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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

Most people in positions of authority, especially in the medical and scientific communities, do the very best they can with the information they have at the time. Hindsight is always 20/20 and its very easy to point and blame others in the past. But the fact is that knowledge and experience drive decision making, not loosely tested hypothesis, and controversy, and secrecy.

There wasn't enough evidence to convince the people making decisions and the public that pesticides, the casual consumption of alcohol and tobacco, transfats, cholesterol, simple carbohydrates, etc. could be dangerous in the long term. Very few people knew better.

Today there is just as much if not more uncertainty on the "heathiness" of the Western lifestyle...

Sure, pesticides may not be ideal, but I can't imagine what science experiment farmers are spraying on their "organic" foods, bleh. Organic foods lose every time in blind taste tests to standard grow foods. They are more expensive for no good reason. Organic food production does not stimulate the economy.

We still don't really understand what causes the slippery slope of cholesterol and heart disease. Its more prevalent now than it ever has been and we are arguably healthier than any generation of people since the industrial revolution. Paleolithic man ate a very high cholesterol, high saturated fat diet, but that period in human evolution saw the greatest increase in brain size and life expectancy, and heart disease wasn't even heard of. So what does it really mean to be healthy? That's a question we've trying to answer for a long time. The food pyramid used to be all the rage but now that's out the window.

The book is still open on gmo's, marijuana, etc, the list goes on.

Just my two cents.
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