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Similar -ish bands you may or not like:

Riverside (from Poland)

Katatonia - any of their last 4 albums: Viva Emptiness, The Great Cold Distance, Night Is the New Day, or Dead End Kings

Deal Soul Tribe - currently inactive as their singer/songwriter/everything return to his previous band Psychotic Waltz for a reunion tour. But A Murder of Crows, The January Tree and The Dead Word are all great albums.

Fates Waring - any of their material from 1997 to present.

Orphaned Land - Either of their last two albums. Mix of prog/rock/metal and middle eastern music.

Everygrey - a bit more metal than the rest, but with prog influences and clean vocals (no growly stuff).

You may want to check out The Joy Formidable. They are more pop than any of the other bands mentioned, but the certainly have the peaks and valleys, particularly on their first album. And they are amazing live.

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