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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

the doctors themselves were using. eating, smoking all of the same things we were. Who remembers "9 out of 10 Doctors smoke Camels" Or Recommend Camels. I think people are a little slow on the uptake. Do we really need products on the shelves with 38% of the salt per helping in the product. We have gotten so use to the taste of salt that was used for a preservative back in the day that we now have to have enough of it in a can of soup to preserve it for 5 years. Does anything sit on any grocery shelf for 5 years? NO. Read the labels, watch out for yourself, and don't depend on the Governments misinformation to protect you. Watch the movie Fatso if you want the truth on food, chloestrol etc. A real eye opener. I work at a hospital and see and hear things every day that surprise me. I don't feel betrayed as much as I feel uninformed. And I can't blame anyone for that but me.
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