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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

Today is no different than the 1960s.

Why, in thousands of years in human history, would we be so arrogant to think that we've arrived at any real "truths" today? What makes now so special? Do we really think that in 50 years we're going to look back and not debunk some of the information we're accepting as fact right now? That we're going to discover that 2013 was when we became enlightened? What are the odds of that, really?

We're no different today. Someone tells us organic food is better for us, and we believe it. I guess it just "feels right," or something, so it must be true. That there's no evidence to support the claims is beside the point, I guess. Critical thought is hard to come by anymore, it seems. Opinions are all treated as equal. Nobody has to prove anything, it's all subjective. Science is too scary.

Don't trust the doctors. Except for people like Dr. Bob Sears, he's okay. You can trust him. He's smart, and he looks fantastic in neutral-colored shirts. He must be right. He's not in it for the money. Except the books he's selling. And the talk-show appearances. And the celebrity status. No conflict of interest at all. Certainly not preying on the fears of people, or taking advantage of their paranoia. Nope. Just our best interests at heart. Why can't they all be like him?

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