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Default Re: Yamaha Live Custom Drums with Remo Vintage Emperor heads... (video)

Originally Posted by SgtThump View Post
...Also note that the new Yamaha Live Custom has better hardware than the previous Yamaha drums. That's my opinion, anyway. I compared the Live Custom to an Oak Custom and the Live Custom seemed nicer to me. Just an opinion, though...
I feel like I should clarify that statement. The new sleek Yamaha drum hardware definitely looks nicer to me, but it also feels nicer. The bass drum claws are die cast with plastic or rubber protector gasket things, the new bass drum tom mount is smaller and much cleaner looking, etc... Those types of things.

I started gettinv interested in a Yamaha kit a few months back and was wanting to buy the MIJ Oak Customs, but I held out to see the new Live Customs first. Wasnt sure if the quality woukd be worse, but its not IMO. I think the changes are improvements.
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