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Default Re: What is the your favorite alcohol high?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Favourite high? If I'm honest then I'll have to answer, all of 'em.

Beer. Only ever had two kinds....good and better. Bud doesn't count as no-one could seriously consider it beer.
Jack Daniels. Sipped neat from a glass if I'm refined. Swigged straight from the bottle if I'm not (and the missus is nowhere in sight) and sometimes with coke if the desire takes me.
Bourbon. If for some reason I can't get Jack.
Vodka tonic. No lemon or lime wedges....why do they do that? Talk about ruining a good drink.
Gin and tonic. If no vodka....again, sans lemon/lime.
Red wine. Either expensive or quaffer.....all the same to me.
I also have an expensive penchant for French champagne.
And if at a cocktail party, I can work my way through the entire list whilst at the same time turning up my nose at how unmanly the whole concept is and ordering a beer chaser in order to add some extra testosterone.
Never much cared for Scotch, but I often wonder that now I'm older I should try to aquire a taste for some of the well aged stuff.

Sorry for the essay......I guess you could say I'm partial to a tipple.
I'm inclined to agree with this man. I just drink anything I can get my hands on. except petrol, benzene, etc...
'never again!' is quite frequently mumbled the next morning along with violent cursing but to no avail. and the orange juice in the fridge disappears...
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