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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

I was born in June of 67....The Summer of Love, baby!....and I don't like my veggies not because I wasn't given them but because I was forced to eat them. At every dinner we had to have at least a " no thank you helping" of everything that was on the table, especially veggies. You didn't get up from the table until you did. Becoming an adult was glorious for me because it meant I'd never have to eat another Brussels sprout again! And I won't...

I think every generation has something detrimental but hopefully the scientific advances outweigh the bad. I'm fascinated by anything space related....I grew up watching the shuttles and seeing man living in space on the space station. I feel sorry for our generations today who are missing out on such things because space exploration isn't deemed important enough. And think of the health advances we are missing out on of because of it.

It's always something. But I wouldn't change being born in this time. Look at what our generation has witnessed. Where we've come in the last 40 years has been amazing!
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