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So, I can say people suck, but I just can't say which ones specifically? Because then I would have to state why, and that reasoning would be based on prejudice and stereotyping.

Then, in that case, I would have to judge people on an individual basis. Therein lies the problem because it would be based on my perception and social interactions with my family and the general public. I have come across people who do indeed suck. It seems like many of the ones who are/were close to me have sucked the worst. I have come across some really good people too. I can't imagine why people who do not know me would say that I, in fact, suck too. And if they think I suck, I should lower myself to their level and say that they also suck.

So, in conclusion, this world is just one big suck fest full of sucky people and you're lucky if you find a few good ones here and there. Well, that's one way to look at it.
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