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Default Re: My Vintage Mid 60's Slingerland Jazz Kit

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Thanks Andy, I took the drums to a friends machine shop.
I stuck sand paper on a flat steel table that is used for detecting warpage in machine parts.
I twist sanded each drum until true.
I made a pencil mark around the edges of each drum. When the pencil mark disappeared from twist sanding, I fine sanded with a sponge type sanding block.
My bearing edges are smoother than the heads that will lie on them :)
Old wood sands really well because the grain doesn't lift up like newly worked wood.
That's the way to do it Bob. If you have a good judge of pressure / good hand skills, plus a good eye, that's an entirely valid method, & in many ways, preferable to re-cutting edges. Unless there's huge valleys, etc, a sensitive dressing of the edges is always the way to go.

As a final check, did you put the shells back on the surface & pop a light inside the shell? Just curious, as I know you're a practically minded chap :)
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