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Default Re: The generation that the doctors betrayed

Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Today's generation has Bieber, so it all balances out. ;)
A most valid point.

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
This is an inspiration! Well said brother...
Ian - so good to see you here, I hope all is well with you :)

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
I don't disagree with you (it was similar in the UK only not as "good") but I think you're overlooking the "brave new world" aspect. I incline towards the view that in the 60s and early 70s, the prevailing desire was to improve upon Nature. Only subsequently, when it was discovered that Nature knew best yet these products continued to proliferate, were we being cynically and deliberately screwed.
I think that's a fair balance on the subject Madge.

Jeff, I agree, it's not good, but I have no reason to complain. Firstly, I still smoke, so any credibility regarding care of my own welfare is out of the window. I ate well as a child too. Although these shitty additives were around at that time (but not on a USA level), my parents simply couldn't afford the premium attached to these new "better" food products. We ate red meat once a week (all local), + a lot of rabbit & pidgeon, together with vegetables grown locally on small holdings. So, by default, I dodged that bullet. Ok, my mother cooked the crap out of them, but that's another story :)
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