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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

I agree with JasperGTR wholeheartedly. When you take away guns, the only people left with them are criminals. Oddly enough, no anti-gun advocates ever seem to have a good response to that. There are tons of statistics showing that more guns = less violent crime (or that less guns = more violent crime, however you want to see it). Look at Chicago's violent crime trends lately.

Anyone who claims that taking away guns will make themselves or their families safer has obviously not done their research. Unfortunately, them pushing for laws with ignorance means that I might be unable to protect MY family someday. It's terrible.

That being said, guns should only be pulled out if you are prepared to shoot. There was absolutely no reason for that guy to show his gun in practice. The entire idea behind concealed weapons is that you AREN'T showing them off. Stupid. That dude is the reason people hate guns so much. The only person who should know you're packing is your significant other, and maybe not even them.

If you are doing what you are supposed to, that gun should never make it's way out of the holster when not at home unless someone is trying to end your life.

EDIT: Also, a bar or anything other place that encourages drinking is not a place for your gun, legal or not.

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