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Originally Posted by rhumbagirl View Post
Thanks guys! But the truth of the matter is I have some things to take care of in my own personal life that I've been putting off ever since the drumoff got into my sights. Furthermore, it's of public and controversial nature, and I don't want you guys to find out about before I have a chance to say something. I won't say what it is, but you will know in the near future. I'll try to contribute the fun here when I can. And I don't know if I'll continue being able to play drums 2-3 hours a day. That's a terrible way to end it after you guys have accepted me here.

I've been dealing with a serious medical issue for 4 years now, and because I'm single and estranged from my family, I started back up with the drums a year into that, hoping to make a connection with people, which I have. I have my video channel and I plan to continue that, because it shows a personal side that people don't get to see of me.

Thanks again and Best Wishes!

Best of luck with your medical issue.

I'm sorry to hear that you are estranged from your family. If it is because of your sexuality/gender then I am even more sorry. I never understood how someone could end a relationship with a child for anything less than a terrible crime such as murder.

We see this all over the world. "Honor killings" in India, fundamentalist Christians throwing a child out of the house for having premarital sex or for being gay.

Unconditional love is supposed to be just that.

God Bless.
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