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Default Re: New Pedal Day - Yamaha DFP9500d

Originally Posted by rhumbagirl View Post

... it's obtrusiveness prevents the pedal from being mounted close enough to the BD head to allow the beater to hit parallel to the head surface. And in an attempt to get it close enough, you find the cam hitting the BD and wearing a hole into it...

I haven't had a problem with that. I just slid the pedal on the hoop as far as it will go, and there's plenty of clearance - (pics below):


Originally Posted by rhumbagirl View Post

...I can't see why there would be any difference as compared to a chain type, since there's no upward force coming from the footboard after beater/head contact...

The return force after a hit on most pedals I know of comes from spring tension and the rebound from the head itself.
I think there's some different types that use magnets and stuff, but those are a different case.
Direct drive is a solid, rigid link, unlike belts and chains which are flexible, can have some play, and don't transfer motion as directly.
I've heard direct drive referred to as 'unforgiving'. And I think people usually have strong feelings one way or the other after trying it.
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