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Default Re: Yamaha Live Custom Drums with Remo Vintage Emperor heads... (video)

Originally Posted by SgtThump View Post
I have three sets - these Live Customs, the turqoise maple Fibes kit, and.... wait for it... a Pearl Reference in piano black! You have absolutely FANTASTIC taste in drum sets. :)
LOL! Yeah I know, I followed your "saga" I believe regarding either selling your kit(s) or buying more lol! I seen your Pearl kit as well and it's sharp. :)

Originally Posted by v.zarate View Post
just read this and thought depth too. it might be that. more air inside a deeper drum coming out at once.
As for the depth. Well in general and going by building a box for a subwoofer, I'm led to believe that if the box (or in this case bass drum) is too small in cubic inches either in width or depth, it may not be moving enough air to get the desired effect of a lower or more pronounced note or thud. Even with a port, it may not help that much. A box has to be certain size to get an optimum medium of both types of bass, tight and detailed and possibly low and muddy. You can also choose to go more in the direction of either one. For example the larger the box, the more boomy it will be and the lower it can go in Hz. The smaller it is, the tighter the bass will be and the less it will be allowed to go down in the Hz range. Same thing with a ported and unported bass drum reso or bass drums in the 22x20" range. A sealed sub box is more so for tighter and more detailed bass like kick drums in music, a ported box is for extreme dB's of bass like with bass music and bass competitions. I would think the 4 inch difference would have an effect but I'm not sure.
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