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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post

The problem with publicized 'gun free zones', is they are an advertisement to bring guns and do MAXIMUM damage.

Someone (much smarter than me) once said,~"There are three things in common with every firearm committed mass-murder:
#1 A firearm
#2 A person willing to kill (usually with a mental condition that lends itself to this act)
#3 Soft target (or area that firearms are not present or allowed)"

When thinking back - I can't disprove this.

Examples - If you wanted to do the most damage to civilization, would you take a gun:
a) To a school (no gun zone)?
b) To a library?
c) To a biker bar?
d) To a police station?

Would you take a gun to a place where guns are NOT prohibited or where they are? Some people point out that the shipyard tragedy was a NOT a gun free zone - but it was. It is a guarded gun free zone. So the shooter was able to neutralize the guard with a shotgun, then take and use that guard's pistol and neutralize other individuals. Why? Because it was guaranteed that nobody else had guns.

People with guns made these events stop. When did that fucker at Sandy Hook stop? When people with guns showed up. When did the nut at shipyard stop? When people with guns showed up. When do these events end? When people with guns show up.

Want to stop these events? Have people with guns there already, or at least the POSSIBILITY of having guns present. If you allow them, it may introduce enough doubt in the would-be killer to go somewhere else. Crisis averted. Want to risk your life? Try breaking in my house at 2am. Find out if I have any guns.
Shooting rampages are extremely rare, even though the media whip people in a frenzy about them. Your hairy-chested threat assessment is great for the extremely rare and sensational of case of a purposeful mass shooting, but not very relevant to the much more common Drunken Idiot Factor. In the latest round of mass shootings, the shooters fully expected to be shot and killed and they know that going in; the usefuless of other armed people is debatable when the shooter is on a suicide mission.

I encourage the establishment of mandatory-carry bars where there are plenty of drunken idiots ready to show their heroism by shooting every other armed drunken idiot. In such places, everyone thinks they are "a good guy with a gun" stopping a "bad guy with a gun." When the survivors sober up, they will find there were no "good guys with guns" involved, just other armed drunken idiots shooting each other over some mindless squabble. The fewer armed drunken idiots there are, the safer we will all be.

If anyone wants to mellow out and get drunk in the perceived safety of other unarmed people, there should be a place for them too. I guess they'll just have to take their chances with the incredibly rare event of a mass shooting in exchange for no Drunken Idiot Factor. Property owners can and do establish very effective gun-free zones and I encourage people to exercise their Fifth Amendment rights to prohibit or mandate guns on their property.
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