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Default Re: Yamaha Live Custom Drums with Remo Vintage Emperor heads... (video)

Ah ha, see I knew I had good taste when it comes to the look of drums! :)

That's awesome man! Though the Ambo doesn't look as white as I expected, maybe just the lighting in your shot? Either way it looks great and is exactly what I had in mind. I absolutely LOVE the sound of my X7 maple kit. Short sustain with a wet fat punch to it and just couldn't be happier with the quality of it all and it being the kit I bought to get back into drumming with. That said, had I taken a bit of time to research and looked at the finishes of sets from each company before I did the spur of the moment purchase I probably would have went with the Yamaha Stage Custom in matte black! Cause right now, after seeing a Pearl Reference Pure set in piano black, with the chrome tube lugs and a white bass drum reso, it has my mouth watering for a set with that look. I especially like that the Stage Custom has finished bass drum hoops. The unfinished maple on the X7 is beautiful and of great quality, but I like the look of a finished hoop more so myself. Only thing is, the X7 has rubber inserts on the lugs to protect the finish on the shells and hoops, which the SC doesn't have but that's probably not something to look down upon when it comes to the quality and sound.

Anyway, sorry I'm derailing this thread. Kit looks great and as far as the Kick Port, yeah the optimum effect is going to be just outside the port I believe. It's just like a ported box for a sub woofer, if you've ever put your hand next to the port on a sub box, you can feel the air coming out and the distance it travels. I'd say maximum effect would be around an inch or so out or in. Seems you have the mic a bit too far into the Kick Port to notice any of the effect. Also have to be careful of placement just outside of the Kick Port as the wind noise may distort the mic, which then you would want to place it a little further back until it stops or maybe off center of it just a bit. Just some ideas is all. :)
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