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Default Re: Yamaha Live Custom Drums with Remo Vintage Emperor heads... (video)

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
Whooo hooo a Vintage Emperor test clip! Although I was hoping to see the clear ones lol. Nice video anyway though, thanks.

I have to be honest, your kit has made me check into the Live Custom and from the videos on Youtube I have come to really really like it. They sound great and the bass drum sounds monstrous! I would love to get the 5 pc in the black wood finish and then add a coated Ambo on the reso side of the bass drum with a black Yamaha logo! Sweetness right there! :)
A white coated Ambassador on the bass drum reso with a black Yamaha logo? HA! That's exactly what I did too. :)

The attached pic is from a few days ago, right before I put this smooth white PS3 on the bass reso. I will very likely put a black Yamaha logo on the PS3 too. :)

Thanks man! I've watched several videos of the Live Custom too and they sound really freaking big in all of them, which tells ya something. That's how these drums sound!

PS - Oh yeah, the kickport doesn't seem to do anything to the sound of this particular bass drum. Not sure why, but I like it better without it now. I LOVE a kickport on my Pearl bass drum, though.
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