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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
Everyone in NC is taught (in order to get their CCW, legally), once you've consumed alcohol, you are no longer allowed to carry a concealed weapon. So the DD can carry one with no problem.
When I got my CC, the instructor threw the whole class for a loop. He asked us what the "legal limit" was for carrying a concealed weapon. People started blurting out guesses....".08".....".05"........".12".

Then after a short pause, he said "There isn't one." Basically meaning that if you're stopped by an LEO, if he so much as has a hunch that you've been drinking, you can lose your license. I don't go to bars these days anyway and I haven't actually carried a gun on me in years, but I would never in a million years combine the two. Pretty good deterrent, IMO.
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