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I missed the happenings on this thread. Best of luck, Steph!

As a former bisexual - now happily celibate - being queer of any stripe is a hard road (some roads obviously rougher than others). Ok, so I had a couple of nights with an overweight Italian stallion last week (erm) but he was pushy and and I am lame when I'm out of my comfort zone lol ... it will not happen again! Dear Abby ... :)

I suggest that if your family has abrogated their responsibility (because that's what it is if they have rejected you) then you should make sure you find some support. And don't stop drumming! If you're good enough to play jazz authentically it's a gift - many of us will never achieve that skill level. Keep on swingin', chickadee!

Otherwise my random thought of the day is that Parisian architecture doesn't thrill after seeing Rome. Having said that, after seeing lots of magnificently ornate churches I became blasť, which makes me feel kinda superficial ... I miss the comforts of home and my Gurus and my doggie (who's no doubt forgotten that I exist lol)
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