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Default Re: George Kollias here...


I have both of your videos and I have recently begun working on increasing my top speed of 210-220. I play more thrash/speed metal than death but who doesn't want more speed? Your practice techniques have helped me enormously.

I especially want to thank you for having the honesty and courage to "disagree" with the common practice of isolating your left foot in order to increase speed. If anyone except you (or some of the very few at your level) said that, they would be flamed from one end of this forum to the other.

I play double pedal on a single bass drum. How does that affect you when you try to reach speeds above 240, compared to two kicks? I know many engineers don't like it because of the muddiness and rumble but how about playability on a drum that is not tightly packed and triggered?

Thanks so much.
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