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Originally Posted by bonham990
hmm... o ok what i've noticed on here is alot of people trying to say : Bonham is overated, Bonham isnt that good blah blah blah. Let's face the fact Bonham has influenced more drummers then anyone else, maybe even Buddy Rich. Artists that played in the same time period even say he was the greatest rock drummer ever. Billy Idol said " Rock 'n' Roll died when John Bonham died". Alex Van Halen would never be able to match John Bonham, he's just not powerfull enough, his drumming just didnt have the umph! that Johns had. I have some Alex Van halen solos and John Bonham solo's. John was much more creative the Alex. Alex was a great drummer but face it he was very repititive in alot of Van Halens songs. After reading John's biography "A thunder of drums" John never used the same beat twice he liked to be as original as possible. So to get to the facts John Bonham was the greatest Rock 'n' Roll drummer ever to play and always will be, no one will ever be able to match his loud, powerfull right foot triplets. Sure people can play them but not with the same amount of power. And his creative nature is just outstanding. Listen to Led Zeppelin's songs they all have there own personality.
The fact that most of the rock beats and grooves heard today, not to mention some r&b and rap, are direct ripoffs of Bonham proves the above post. We really do not hear much of Buddys stuff in these genres.
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