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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by drstrangefunk View Post
^ Like. ^

my state (North Carolina) just passed a bill that will allow concealed weapons not only in public parks, but also in bars. what could go wrong there ?

i guess my days of playing in NC bars are over. i will have to relocate.

To The Assembled: sell me on your state (or country).
lol! Thanks! Alcohol and guns don't mix. I hear what you're saying though... However:
Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Armed people in bars should be encouraged. People stupid enough to arm themselves and then enter a place that exists for the purpose of alcohol consumption, should be encouraged to wipe each other out.
Everyone in NC is taught (in order to get their CCW, legally), once you've consumed alcohol, you are no longer allowed to carry a concealed weapon. So the DD can carry one with no problem.
Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
The rule to live by when it comes to guns is thus; If you pull out a gun then you should use it :)
Meaning, Don't pull out a gun unless you intend to shoot. Pulling out a gun for no reason is a foolish act.
I see what you're saying, as it is a fundamental (legal) rule - never point your weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot (or destroy). BUT - I have to take my guns out to teach classes (I don't want to kill my students), or to clean them (I don't want to shoot my box of tools), etc... At some point, I take my guns out a lot more than I shoot them.
Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Good point. Then have gun-free bars with metal detectors. Some places attract morons with guns for a variety of reasons (airports, courtrooms, bars) and the unarmed should be able to choose and set up places where they can enjoy each others' company without having to concern themselves with the possibility that someone else there is armed.

That would concentrate the armed drunken morons in fewer places, increasing the chances of them doing us all a favor by taking each other out of commission. Combine it with a noble political statement and set up bars that require everyone entering to be armed.
The problem with publicized 'gun free zones', is they are an advertisement to bring guns and do MAXIMUM damage.

Someone (much smarter than me) once said,~"There are three things in common with every firearm committed mass-murder:
#1 A firearm
#2 A person willing to kill (usually with a mental condition that lends itself to this act)
#3 Soft target (or area that firearms are not present or allowed)"

When thinking back - I can't disprove this.

Examples - If you wanted to do the most damage to civilization, would you take a gun:
a) To a school (no gun zone)?
b) To a library?
c) To a biker bar?
d) To a police station?

Would you take a gun to a place where guns are NOT prohibited or where they are? Some people point out that the shipyard tragedy was a NOT a gun free zone - but it was. It is a guarded gun free zone. So the shooter was able to neutralize the guard with a shotgun, then take and use that guard's pistol and neutralize other individuals. Why? Because it was guaranteed that nobody else had guns.

People with guns made these events stop. When did that fucker at Sandy Hook stop? When people with guns showed up. When did the nut at shipyard stop? When people with guns showed up. When do these events end? When people with guns show up.

Want to stop these events? Have people with guns there already, or at least the POSSIBILITY of having guns present. If you allow them, it may introduce enough doubt in the would-be killer to go somewhere else. Crisis averted. Want to risk your life? Try breaking in my house at 2am. Find out if I have any guns.

If you KNOW the resident has no gun, your chances of committing a crime (violent or otherwise), and getting away with it, has just increased exponentially. Want to see crime go up - outlaw guns (see: Hurricane Sandy for reference).

For those that feel comfortable with tough gun laws and restrictions - look at Washington DC. There. I feel safer already. There is no gun violence... ... No wait. That doesn't work.

(There are issues with this approach - just addressing the soft target piece. People tend to forget what deters or stops those who wish us harm.)

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Not at all. Sandy Hook...or NRA... nothing humourous at all about either.
No. NOT humorous. But ironic. Sandy Hook is an example of where you would want to do the most damage - a gun free zone.

Want to setup the next tragedy? Make guns unavailable. There. Just go get some popcorn.

The issue is systemic, and our country was based on individual rights, liberty, and guns. It won't change overnight. And it won't be done by making gun free zones - that just invites lunatics with guns.

Air marshal program is a great example of that. We all know that air marshals travel in plain clothes, and disguise themselves as passengers. You wanna bet that is a deterrent? When the suspicion of guns is present, people tend to think twice (or sometimes - the first time).
Originally Posted by opentune View Post
I get ya, funny in the 'strange' way.

I'm not sure if its just the times or the busy world we live in is graduating more nutbars. I mean there has often been homicide, but these mass killings of innocents are really sick.
Definitely a societal issue. There have always been people like this (throughout time), it's just that the world of TV and internet allow these reports to spread more quickly.

And guns are great for equal rights - because now some dumb ass 25 yr old person with no ability to fight, could be physically and mentally disabled, and now has the means to hurt someone or something, with a similar ability of someone else who does know how to fight, but does not have a separate weapon.

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