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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
She'll be fine Madge. Worry is natural, stress isn't. Regular contact without being an interfering pest is the balance to strike - for both of you.
Andy, I know you've been through much, but type 1 diabetes is an often misunderstood term. It means the pancreas isnt making any insulin at all as opposed to some insulin in most diabetics ( who are type 2 ).

Its like being in a really leaky boat for your whole life. If you arent pumping in the right about of insulin 24 X 7, you will either have your kidneys collapse on you if its too little or go into a coma, seizure, or death if its too much. You are balancing on a tighrope, and making sure you dont fall either left or right.

It is a hideous disease to live with because it doesnt allow you an anxiety- free moment. Ever. Its isnt like you'd do some therapy and then relax for a few weeks..

For parents, in many ways it is worse. I completely understand Madge's feelings here.

Madge- enjoy every minute of Saturday! : ))

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