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Originally Posted by rhumbagirl View Post
I'm transgendered male-to-female. I don't know if that belongs on Drummerworld, but I just needed to say that. If anyone has any questions for me, now's the time to ask :)

The bass player in my band is m-f transgender too :)

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
She'll be fine Madge. Worry is natural, stress isn't. Regular contact without being an interfering pest is the balance to strike - for both of you.
I'm with her now, and she isn't as fine as I'd like her to be although she's much better than she was. If she went into a diabetic coma at night (the most likely time for it to happen), it could be hours before anybody realised. Leaving her on Wednesday is going to break my heart.

At least I have Saturday to look forward to :)
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