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Default Re: New Pedal Day - Yamaha DFP9500d

I can see where a direct drive might have different responsiveness*** than a chain drive, but you'd still have the problem of the cam profile, in that it wouldn't be much different than a Speed King profile... it's obtrusiveness prevents the pedal from being mounted close enough to the BD head to allow the beater to hit parallel to the head surface. And in an attempt to get it close enough, you find the cam hitting the BD and wearing a hole into it.

Or is the cam profile on the Yamaha pedal smaller, making this a moot point?? (since I've never owned a Yamaha pedal)

*** actually after some thought, I can't see why there would be any difference as compared to a chain type, since there's no upward force coming from the footboard after beater/head contact. The only thing I can think of would be if the user played with a style of lifting the foot off the pedal, in which case, forward beater force would translate through the link to help push the footboard back down... actually that would apply even if they kept contact with the footboard)

Edit: Actually it makes sense that a direct drive pedal would have better acceleration on successive hits, eg in doubles and fast singles, which would explain why I always had good clean doubles when I played my Speed King, vs the chain drive DW9000 I play now. The forward beater energy at the start of the second stroke is helping force the footboard down, through the direct drive link.
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