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Default Re: Rise of the Humanoids!!

Actually with respect to learning riffs by slowing it down, does anyone know if the new YouTube Slomo tool will work on videos other than ones own? I found this tool on my YouTube channel, in the Enhancements section. I think it's available only for edits, which would mean your own videos.

On the other hand, I think computer animation would allow the note of a drum to sound normal even though the playback was half the speed.

Imagine a computer animation of Dave Weckl in 3D!!! And the animation let's you pinch him while he's playing to see what happens :) Maybe you take a picture of yourself and then get animated to join the party. I wouldn't mind that. An "adult" version where Weckl is playing "Trance Dance" and I run across the room, tackle him to the ground, and make love to him!!!

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