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Default Re: Rise of the Humanoids!!

Originally Posted by Bobrush View Post
You may be 10 years too late:
Awesome! I don't know what to say!! Blows my mind!!! Of course, being an engineer myself, and probably uniquely qualified to work on such projects :), I will add that "Stickboy" is a six limbed robot terminator looking thing, and hence not a Humanoid. So in that sense, yes it may be 10 yrs (more like 20) before we see skin covered robots (aka Humanoids) that have the minute hydraulics to operate individual digits of the hand, being able to utilize Moeller and finger technique. And that's fixing the stick to the hand. Another 30 years to figure out how to get a Humanoid to pick up some sticks off the snare and play with them.

But for now, it would be extremely cool to see a four limbed robot terminator, with sticks fixed to the hand, and torso firmly attached to the throne, play any tune you plugged into it. And it would be extremely useful for teaching students how a particular riff is played. Could slow it down!! Or imagine a webcam and an internet site that drummers could upload material in whatever music sequencer file it needed!!!

Better yet, and I'm extremely serious about this... a computer animation tool. Is there anyone working on that?? I can see that happening in the next 5 years or sooner, if it hasn't been done already :)

Just Wowwwww!!!!

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Now the metalheads better get their act together on the other hand...
Made my day :)

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